Heat leaves the warmer body or the hottest fluid, as long as there is a temperature difference, and will be transferred to the cold medium. A heat exchanger follows this principle in its endeavour to reach equalisation. With a plate type heat exchanger, the heat penetrates the surface, which separates the hot medium from the cold one very easily.

If heat exchanger or steam pipe not covered using Insulate, there’s most probably occurred some heat lost which gain loses of the efficiency of the steam usage. If we using common material for covering the hot surface should be not a problem, we could use some fabric insulation that available in the market and do warping. But the Challenge in food and beverage industry, the material should have characteristic free-contaminant to the environment along withstand to high temperature.

Rasteflex Jacketing answering by using PTFE base material of fabric which could be sewing for fabrication process and it is have capabilities withstand up to 316°C continues temperature and strongly resistance to acid and base. The result after Rasteflex Jacketing installed to system of pipe and plate heat exchanger, the usage of steam saving is about 5%/hour.

Can you imagine the saving when we talked about food and beverage that running 24 hours a day and at least 25 days a month!