Rasteflex Lining Pipes & Tanks

Lining is a layer of different material covering the inside surface of something with function to prevent rust

PT. Rastekindo Cipta Global answering the demand to serve customer needs specially in corrosion resistance application in pharmaceutical, chemical, biodiesel, Power Plant, Pulp and Paper, Process and Petroleum Industries & water and food processing industry, semiconductor and electronics industries.

PT. Rastekindo Cipta Globalcontinues improving and Advancing in Designing & Manufacture high quality of products of PTFE lining to answer the customer demand to save their facility and equipment from lost that caused by rusting material.

Our past experienced and professional expertise, our manufacturing site is fully equipped to handle from design phase to high volume production final testing including material handling with full treceability, help us to continually deliver the quality product to continually deliver the quality product to the customer to meet they expectation.

What We Do

A manufacturer of PTFE Lined Pipes & Fittings and Sheet Lining Tank, Vessel and other equipment

Quality is Our First Priority

  • We offer long-term safety and security to your operation processing

Flexibility in Urgent Situation

  • We respond and reach quickly in customer requirement shown in technical production equipment including internal steel fabrication
  • We could offer solutions for special or difficult applications
Our Strength

Our strength lies in our technical capabilities, skills and experience in the design and manufacturing of customized products such as line nozzles, dip pipes, lined tanks and special vessels to meet the specific requirements of customers


General Specification of PTFE Lining

This General Specification covers Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) line pipe & Fitting applied conveying corrosive fluids. Along with requirement for construction materials, dimension and testing.

Material Standard Construction

PTFE Material Properties

  1. Temperature limitation – Max continuues services temperature | 260oC
  2. Chemical Inertness – Resist to most all chemical. Please consult to PT. Rastekindo Cipta Global
  3. Coefficient of friction
    – Static | 0.10
    – Kinetic | 0.05
  4. Specific gravity | ASTM D792 | 2.14 ~ 2.20
  5. Tensil Strength | ASTM D638 | > 210kg/cm2
  6. Non Stick
    – Surface Tension | 18.5 dyne/cm
    – Contact Angle
  7. Elongation | ASTM D638 | > 250%
  8. Water Absorbtion | ASTM D570 | < 0.01%

PTFE Lining

The PTFE white resin meet the material requirements of ASTM D1457 and ASTM D4994

Hardware material

  1. Steel Pipe
    The standard steel pipe is either of electric resistance welded and /or seamless construction. For nominal bore sizr 1/2″ to 10″ inclusive pipe Conforming to ANSI B36.10 Sch 40 Dimensions are used. For above size, material and others standard up on request
  2. Flanges confirms to ANSI standard forging flange, ASTM A105 and A106 for pipe components. PTFE lined pipes supplied with one loose & other fixed flange, for elbows and others fittings will be supplierd fix & fix flange. However, it can be supplied per individual customers requirement
  3. Fittings : The ANSI Standard steel pipe fittings ASTM A234, SS material available up on request.
  4. Finish : All external surface of carbon steel housing is painting finished. For Stainless steel shall be accordisng up in customer request.

Design Requirements


  1. Nominal PTFE liner Thickness of Piping
  2. Tolerance
    Pipe in length | +/- 3.2 mm: Flange Bolt hole alignment | +/- 1.6 mm

Venting / Vent Hole

Each pipe and fitting shall be provided with a venting system that will release any gas between the liner and the housing. Each pipe & fittings has 2 vent holes with 2mm diameter at both end.

Inspection Test

Hydrostatic Test

All PTFE lined pipes and fittings are subjected to 29 Bar (425 psig) for hydro pressure test at room temperature base on ASTM F1545. Any leakage is observed from vent holes and pressure gauge

Spark Test

Base on ASTM 1545 this test performed 15 kV nondestructive spark test for all the pipes and fittings. Detect such as cracks, pin holes in the liner will be observe from audible and visible from the testing equipment

Tank Lining

Tanks & Vessel hardware material is Carbon steel, Stainless steel or any other material base on requirement. For Liner using standard thickness of 3 mm PTFE sheet or other Fluoroplastic liner material which suitable for application require



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