Fabric Expansion Joint simply as flexible connectors that performed a function of compensating ducting misalignment and duct thermal growth in some hot media in low pressure applications such as “in flowing air” and “Out flowing gas” in large combustion processes that typically found in power plants and other ducting system.

Advantages of Fabric Expansion Joint
  • Absorbing Large movements in short length
  • Compensates for movements in several directions simultaneously
  • Low spring rate
  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Low maintenance cost for replacement
  • Easy for installation
  • Easy to handling

Fabric expansion joint designed in Belt or Flange type and having two basic forms Single layer or Multi-Layers construction based on environmental conditions and various duct system.

RASTEFLEX Fabric Expansion Joint designed and manufactured by skilled man power and using high quality materials that suitable with the applications to achieved expected lifetime and reduce losses of the system operation by selecting correct material and fully control since designing process, fabrication and installation.

RASTEFLEX offer an Elastomers and fluoroplastics material for constructed the flexible element. With various types of fiberglass reinforcement that coated and laminated to the base material such as Silicon, Neoprene, PTFE and etc.

RASTEFLEX both can offer multi-layer or single fabric expansion joint, further more we could also offer high performance single layer Fabric Expansion Joint that already impregnated with insulation material that can withstand around 500oC without any pillow or thermal barrier inside.

From low to high temperature, clean air to dust air or even abrasive, wet or dry air, chemical contaminated air RASTEFLEX carefully considered and calculated to achieve high quality Fabric Expansion Joint delivered to our customer.

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Metallic bellow expansion joints are designed to accommodate a wide range of movements and service conditions.

We offer round and rectangular type, from single to multiply layer of bellows material.
Base on EJMA calculation we design most suitable metallic bellow expansion joint for customer requirement.

Our standard bellows are constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel and can easily upgrade to virtually any alloy type for the conditions required.

The attaching end frame connections can be manufactured to suit most requirements from any workable material. The design and installation of internal flow liners, external covers, and operatinghardware – such as control and limit rods, hinges and gimbals – are all available.

Our engineer welcomes the opportunity to help guide our customers in the selection of the bellows selection to provide optimum performance and longevity for each application.



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